Hmpty027 - Mountain Bike

 Distribution: PIAS (Benelux)
28.04.2014 (Benelux)
08.2014 (France)

Mountain Bike was founded in the summer of 2012 by experienced musicians with distinct backgrounds. They all were or are still active in other musical projects like Thee Marvin Gays, Warm Toy Machine, Billy Joe and June Moan. What makes Mountain Bike special is the way they amalgamate pop compositions with the power and the energy of garage rock. Far from the clichés of this strictly outlined genre, Mountain Bike has the ambition to get rid of any boundaries and to explore their dissimilar influences in an unprejudiced way. These influences consist of a wide variety of artists, ranging from Beck, Ty Segall and Deerhunter to Mikal Cronin and Grandaddy. The result is a refreshing cocktail of exciting melodies, a touch of nonchalance, insane imaging and an immense willingness to make it happen.

Carried by the inimitable vocal colour of Etienne (aka Kinkle), the shimmering guitar lines of Aurélien (aka June Moan), the roaring bass of Stefano (aka Billy Joe) and the rhythms of Charles (aka Nerveux), Mountain Bike’s feel good songs provide the ideal soundtrack to accompany the return of spring.
Let’s sing along!

About the album

With about 50 live gigs and a first 7 inch single on their track record, these adopted “Bruxellois” are now presenting their first self-titled album. Consisting of 11 tracks, recorded and mixed at the Snapshot Studio in Brussels by Pierre Vaffrey, this first attempt plunges you into a pop universe with vague borders, a meeting point for catchy chants and choruses (I Lost My Hopes In Paradise, Japanese Guitar), ballads (Hangin’ Around, Just Good Friends) and some purple passages of genuine garage rock (Cigogne, ‘Got Power, Torture). In exactly 40 minutes, Mountain Bike accepts the challenge to come up with a consistent album, shining their own casual light on 50 years of pop music. 


28-03 Opwijk - Nijdrop
03-04 Rouen (FR) - Les 3 pièces Musik Club

11-04 Antwerp - Trix (release party)

12-04 Mons -  L'Alhambra

14-04 Nijmegen (NL) – Ragfestival

28-04 Luxembourg - Rockhal w/BRNS

01-05 Haarlem (NL) - Patronaat

04-05 Arlon - Les Aralunaires

08-05 Paris (FR) - Espace B

11-05 Brussels - Homeplugged Festival

18-05 Brussels - Botanique - Les Nuits

12-07 Groningen (NL) - Vera Downstage

23.05 Bruges - Cactus

31.05 Antwerp - Het Bos

20.06 Fête de la Musique - Liège - MAD

21.06 Fête de la Musique -  Brussels - Cinquantenaire

19.07 Dour Festival

26.07 Zerkegem - Rock Zerkegem

11.08 Brussels Summer Festival

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Hmpty024 - Xavier Dubois - Sunset Gluts

Hmpty024 - Xavier Dubois - Sunset Gluts
CD digipack and digital
 Distribution: Benelux: Pias

Hmpty026 - V.O. / CASTUS - SPLIT 7"

Hmpty026 - V.O. / CASTUS
7" inch
Screen printed cover by Sarah Robin
Limited to 300 copies

V.O. - Threat (unreleased track)
Castus - Banjo